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Biorigin offers the right Yeast Betaglucan
in very high concentration (min. 80%).

Produced from yeast (Sacharomyces cerevisie),
branched as beta-1,3 glucan with a low ratio of beta-1,6.
It can be used in food supplements (capsules, tablets,
powders as well as liquid forms as syrups) and also in food
(i.e. bakery industry). Has no mushroom aftertaste and smell.

GoldCell Betaglucan has been placed as second best in
„Comparison of immunological effects of commercially important
beta-glucans“, published as poster at Vitafoods 2018.

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This outstanding product features:

  • 100% natural ingredient
  • High purified glucan from yeast
  • Both human and animal use
  • Various applications in food, supplements and cosmetics
  • Clinically and laboratory proven efficiency
  • Best quality / price ratio
  • Quality certificates (ISO, GMP, Halal, Kosher)
  • Numbers of satisfied customers

GoldCell BetaGlucan - the right solution for your business

“… Betaglucan is a unique natural complex polysaccharide, capable of supporting the organism's defensive response against bacterial and parasitic diseases. Over fifty years of research and thousands of studies, conducted among others by universities in Harvard, Baylor, Tulane and Kentucky, have shown that daily consumption of Betaglucan has an optimum stimulating effect on macrophages, which results in a fine-tuned, maximized strength of the defensive system …” – fragment of the text from Prof. Vaclav Vetvicka, you can find is his books or under

GoldCell Betaglucan documents:

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VIZIAN export import s.r.o.

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